1. Please answer every question, even if you feel uncertain about the answer.

2. Do not take too long on any one question

3. Each question applies to yourself

4. Vocational requirements or standards you feel others have set for you may not be how you really want to be.  Answer each question in the way that brings you the most enjoyment and fulfillment. 

5. It's ok to give yourself a 0 or a 5 in any situation where those apply.  Your answers won't make you look good or bad if they are a certain way, the best thing is to be completely honest.

When you press the submit button, your scores will be sent to Pastor Duane and you will get together with him to discuss the results.


Answers correspond to the following:

0 - Never

1 - Seldom

2 - Sometimes

3 - Usually

4 - Mostly

5 - All the time